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luni, 11 ianuarie 2010

Ufych Sormeer

UFYCH SORMEER - Anthem To The Glory Of The Great Octagon (2001)
01. The Bells Of The Nebulous Limbo Vomit Their Prophecy 3:12
02. Summoning The Fiend From The Temple Of The Howling Priestesses 3:18
03. Crowned As The New Wielder Of The Holy Blade 3:47
04. In The Undivided Reign Of The Horde Enslaving The Northern Lands 3:55
05. The Funeral Song Of The Demonsword Resounds Beyond The Ice-Veiled Caves 5:38
06. Round The Banner Of The Heort Sovereign 1:17
07. The Great Battle Of Kalugan Vale 6:40
08. The Triumph Of The Tentacular Chaos Is Sealed By The Blood Of The
Sorcerer 5:28
09. Anthem To The Glory Of The Great Octagon 1:24
10. Outro 0:28

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